Club Penguin May 2012 Unreleased Clothing Items + More Unlockables

As usual, the item file has been updated by Club Penguin. This is items for May 2012 as well as some for April and possible early June. A lot of these will be in the May 2012 Penguin Style Clothing Catalogue. All of these items are for members unless specified.

Head Items:

  • The Mystical for 450 coins
  • Spiked Warrior Helm for 300 coins
  • Winged Crimson Helm for 400 coins
  • The Majesty for 400 coins
  • The Giddy for 350 coins
  • The Thrill-Billy for 300 coins

Face Items:

  • Pink Starglasses for 100 coins

Body Items:

  • 23 new Custom Hoodies (400 coins each)
  • Fairy Gown for 550 coins
  • Stout Warrior Armor for 400 coins
  • Chain Mail and Tabard for 400 coins
  • Crimson Plate Mail for 550 coins
  • Sky Gown for 550 coins
  • Pop-n-Lock Music Shirt for 200 coins
  • Trendy Red Shirt for 200 coins

Hand Items:

  • Steel Sheild for 250 coins (YES, Club Penguin misspelled shield!)
  • Crimson Lance and Sheild for 400 coins (again, they misspelled shield)
  • Yellow Bass Guitar for 550 coins

Feet Items:

  • Plate Boots for 250 coins
  • Neon Pink Sneakers for 300 coins
  • Slate Untied Sneakers for 200 coins


  • Round Ruby (free, for everyone. Most likely at Ruby and the Ruby when it returns)
  • Black Helm (free, for everyone)


  • Wizard’s Workshop for 60 coins (everyone)
  • Dragon Peak for 60 coins (everyone)


  • EPF Suit (for April’s Club Penguin Magazine Code)
  • Major Tunage Shirt
  • Double Necked Guitar
  • Green Keytar
  • Purple Boom Box

The Handheld Ereader Tablet was renamed to eReader.

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin May 2012 Unreleased Clothing Items + More Unlockables

  1. this looks like the stuff for the midevil party and the music jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for new partys!!!!!!

  2. Hey Trainman! I just have a quick question. Have you heard any rumors about a possible e-book item that can be unlocked for your penguin? Is it coming out sometime soon? I’ve dying to know! Please respond soon!

  3. I heard the ereader will come out in the next treasure book and one i want to come out in the next one is the speedboat body item so once again it might come out in the next treasure book later on this year.

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