Unreleased/Returning Items For Medieval Party & May Clothing Catalogue

Club Penguin has made some adjustments to their items file. In it they changed a few prices and names of items, which means they will most likely be returning sometime soon. The items could either be in the clothing catalogue for next month or in a special medieval catalogue. I do not know. The changed items (prices or names) are:

  • Knight Armor changed to Knight Costume
  • Iron Armour changed to Iron Armor
  • Prince Redhood Costume changed to Prince Redhood’s Costume and is now 150 coins instead of 550
  • Red Cape changed to 50 coins (formerly 200)
  • Lighthouse Pin changed from 60 coins to 0 coins and now to 60 again

As for new items, they are all members only with the exception of one pin.


  • Scorn Chest for free (only nonmember item listed)
  • Crown of the Dragon King Pin for free (members only pin)

Body Items:

  • Onyx Dragon Outfit for 600 coins

Hand Items:

  • Skyward Staff for free

Head Items:

  • Noble Helmet for free

Feet Items:

  • Onyx Dragon Feet for 250 coins

Neck Items:

  • Battle Cape for free
  • Golden Wings for 300 coins

18 thoughts on “Unreleased/Returning Items For Medieval Party & May Clothing Catalogue

    • Hmm.. was the Lighthouse Pin released 2 weeks after the pin before it? It’s gone from the stampbook and now you have found it in their files. Something fishy is going on lol.

    • I don’t really like the Medieval Party. Maybe it will be better than last year. :/ Oh, and i don’t know if it is just happening to me but, if you have a friends in the same server, and you click the ? mark to find out which room, it never loads. :/

    • The Ruby pin has come back (to the best of my knowledge, and correct me if I’m wrong) twice, then it was the ring and then the brooch. I have only two ideas

      -It’s a different version of the pin (or the same name; different pin)
      -It gets brought back for a reason, like an event such as a play, scavenger hunt, etc.

      I also thought that it could be in their files since it was taken out of the stampbook and they’re going to fix it (and putting it in their files will help) but I doubt that. Very strange.

  1. Hey Trainman guess what? Happy77 and Billybob sent me an email including 2 hints of new items coming in the future! One was a red version of the Flutterby and a black version of the Sidetied. They said that their sketch artists are working on it and that these items will be released in the future! Waddle on!

  2. its not fair that nonmembers don’t have a medieval outfit and they only wear hats and they called their selfs stupid because of the terrible party they just did that nonmembers don’t like.

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