Club Penguin Blog: Puffle Party 2012 Sneak Peek

With the Puffle Party just under a week away, Happy77 has given more sneak peek images on the party! It looks like I was wrong and you will indeed be able to transform into a Puffle. Here’s Happy77 in the Spa:

In addition to that, next week’s newspaper, Issue #334 of the Club Penguin Times, there will be an article written by PH. You can also see a bit of the Town decorated for the party in the background.

Finally, as I previously reported, we can meet the Puffle Handler at this Puffle Party! More information about this matter will be posted on the Club Penguin Blog sometime between now and when the party is actually released in game for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to use my Puffle Handler Tracker!

The following page has been updated:

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  1. on the newspaper the black puffle looks reallllyyyy weird!! lol and did anyone else notice the orange and pink puffle lllloooollll XD :{)

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