Puffle Handler 100% Confirmed To Be Visiting Club Penguin!

Club Penguin has updated their item database yet again with some unreleased items, however before I mention those I want to mention something else that they added to the file – stuff for the Puffle Handler!! A few weeks ago I posted that Club Penguin has created some penguin IDs for PH. (they soon after increased it from one ID to five)

Anyway, take a look at these item names they just added. It’s for PH’s outfit:

  • PH Hat/Hair
  • PH Outfit

There’s also a free background from her:

  • PH Giveaway Background

Moving away from the Puffle Handler but still related to Puffles, they added another background for everyone (free) called the First Prize Puffle. There’s also a free item for nonmembers called the Polka Dot Puffle Hat.

Finally, each of these body items will cost 400 coins and be for members.

  • Red Puffle Costume
  • Blue Puffle Costume
  • Pink Puffle Costume
  • Black Puffle Costume
  • Green Puffle Costume
  • Yellow Puffle Costume
  • Purple Puffle Costume
  • White Puffle Costume
  • Orange Puffle Costume
  • Brown Puffle Costume

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      I’m sorry but for now I’m not really focusing on my site blogroll. Maybe in the future I’ll open it up to adding you and others. :)


  1. Oh my gosh. I can see it already. The town will be filled with puffle-costumed penguins. It’ll be complete madness. Like when cars first came out, only worse. Puffles will take over the island. Im scared lol

  2. Looks like the Puffle Play everybody has been wanting is coming, or that’s the clothing catalogue… I hope it’s the play so theres more modern items in the Clothing Catalogue… Also really excited to see how CP brings the Puffle Party to life this year!

  3. Train its been rumored that in August 2012 the sports shop will be coming back along with the EPF recon base, and tourist center. All of this info is on the club penguin wiki.. Also rory and Gary could e making an appearance! Just like I emailed cp about a rebuild back in July 2011, where you could meet rory. I guess they liked my idea

  4. I’ve heard about those rumors too. While they are a bit farfetched, maybe the guy is onto something with the Space fraction…remember those Space themed games from Beta Team a long time ago? Foreshadowing, perhaps?

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