Reminder: Club Penguin Is Updating Tonight!

Author’s note: Tonight I’m starting something new. On Wednesday nights, a few hours before Club Penguin updates, I will be making a post listing what the updates will be and whatever will be taken away from the new game. (such as a new pin being hidden, catalogue being updated, etc)

Tonight is a moderate update day for Club Penguin. The following updates will take place:

  • Rockhopper arriving (with a new catalogue)
  • The Furniture Catalogue is being updated for this month
  • There will be a new newspaper, Issue 330
  • The 69th Field Ops mission will be released
  • There will also most likely be a new EPF message later in the day

Before they update, I recommend you do the following if you haven’t already as once they update, they’ll be gone:

Some exclusives that go along with the updates:

That’s all for now! What time in PST do you think I should post these to keep it consistent? Be sure to leave a comment with your time suggestion.

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