Club Penguin Unreleased February 2012 Items

Club Penguin has once again updated their files with some more unreleased clothing items. I’m assuming some of these have to do with the upcoming play sequel. It also seems like Rockhopper will be visiting. Here’s the items:

Head Items: (members only except the Crew Cap)

  • The Corsair for 250 coins
  • Black Swashbuckler’s Hat for 250 coins
  • Rising Sun Crown for 250 coins
  • Viking Lord Helmet for 0 coins
  • Crew Cap for 0 coins

Body Items: (members only)

  • Corsair Coat for 400 coins
  • Swashbuckler’s Leather Coat for 450 coins
  • Dinosaurus Rex for 600 coins
  • Ancient Robes for 350 coins
  • Viking Lord Armor for 0 coins

Pins: (for everyone)

  • Helm for 0 coins
  • Shipwreck Beacon for 0 coins

8 thoughts on “Club Penguin Unreleased February 2012 Items

  1. Train i KNOW that the dinosaurs rex and viking lord items are in the Penguins that time forgot 2 cause the sequels coming out and WHERES THE EXPIDTION??

  2. I think that the sequel could be the sequel to the phantom of the viking opera (or whatever it’s called) because of all the viking stuff. I really don’t know. I am VERY disappointed with the underwater expedition though.

  3. well i think they could of done better with the water expedition because usally there parties are awesome but this one suck. And also i was just wondering (do you know when card jitsu snow is coming out because it been like 2 years since it came out ) so thats all i have to say and btw i like your website it is awesome!!! (:

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