Club Penguin Featured Fashions: February 8th

As you might recall, a week ago Happy77 asked for the names of penguins that have some cool outfits. After taking your suggestions into consideration, she has posted two of them on the Club Penguin Blog. Here they are:

Z Kamora said: “I’ve seen a penguin named Sunoco721 who wears the COOLEST fashions! Like a cool blue dress, sunglasses, and when she’s EPF, she wears agent clothes and other cool stuff!”

Here is Sunoco721’s outfit:

Penguinfan said: “WOW! That’s SO cool! I have seen a penguin with amazing outfits! His name is Errorunvalid.”

Here is Errorunvalid’s outfit:

Happy77 asked for some more names of penguins with cool outfits – so be sure to say me! ;) Just kidding.

The following page has been updated:

6 thoughts on “Club Penguin Featured Fashions: February 8th

  1. Train! you’re outfit is better than these! These people just took outfits straight from the catalog, no originality! Your fashion sense puts them to shame!

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