Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012 Coming Tonight!

Happy77 has given us a quick sneak peek of the Fashion Show that will be taking place in the Gift Shop starting tomorrow! Take a look:

Club Penguin Fashion Show

Very neat! Cadence is expected to be waddling around the island during this event – at this time as far as I am aware she will not have a new background.

Club Penguin’s Fashion Show, in addition to the other updates such as the February 2012 Clothing Catalogue, will be released by tomorrow morning PST, or Penguin Standard Time.

Also, here’s what the bottom of the picture will look like if it was not cropped as much:

That’s all for now! I’ll post the updates once they arrive.

The following page has been updated:

20 thoughts on “Club Penguin Fashion Show 2012 Coming Tonight!

  1. The Party is out…but I have to say, this is probably the worst CP party I have ever been to. Its only one room changed, no free item, cadence doesn’t give a new background, and its 14 days long. Please tell me your thoughts about this party Trainman…this party is just awful.

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