Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Drawing

A new “Reviewed By You” has been posted on Club Penguin’s Blog by Happy77. Last week she asked penguins what their favorite igloo item was and why. 10000cookies was chosen, who talked about the Box Portal from the April Fools Day Party. Maybe we’ll see it again at the April Fools Day Party 2012? I hope so! All the different dimensions were fun. Anyway, here’s what was said on the topic:

It’s so hard to choose since I like all items! But, my all time favorite would be the Box-Portal! It’s totally AWESOME and I hope it’ll be back on April 2012! Seriously, how cool is it to travel to another dimension!? And when minutes have look like: :30 or :00 and you’re there, you get to see the orange puffle pop out of the box! It’s sooo kooky and you get to meet Rookie there if you’re lucky! Waddle on, Club Penguin! You rock!

In honor of the drawing contest that will be announced soon┬áthis week’s question: What do you like to draw the most? As always the selected answer will get 10,000 coins added to their penguin’s account.

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18 thoughts on “Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Drawing

  1. During this Summer I got bord during the Music Jam and spontaneously decided to draw the Penguin Band.. I drew them over a month period and they’re pretty sick if I have to admit. I’m totally entering them in the contest, Petey K is my Favorite so he’ll be the lucky one entered!’

  2. I draw all famous penguins a long time ago including the older version of the penguin band.
    I think I will make a new drawing though to enter (The best one in my life)! I will start the drawing tonight and work on it every day till the contest!

  3. Yeah I started the son of neptune today and i’m already on the 9th chapter.
    My mom wont let me read the kane chronicals series cause of some stuff she doesn’t like about it.

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