Club Penguin Blog: What’s New This Week

On the Club Penguin Blog Happy77 has given us an outlook on what events to expect in the game later this week. By the looks of it, the updates later this week will be rather interesting.

Here’s what we were told:

Happy77 also mentioned there is a new field ops and there will be a new pin hidden soon.

The following page has been updated:

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: What’s New This Week

  1. Dude really you if you haven’t noticed Target and Toys R Us sell the puffles with the unlockable headbands… check clubpenguintimes page 2.. -.-

  2. special art project…. cool!
    I love art and if it’s something that has to do with drawing (which I’m assuming it is because the penguin in the pic is drawing) I will enter!
    Can’t wait as always.
    u like to draw train?

  3. if you read the blog theres something for EPF agents coming bigger than a field OP why do i have a feeling its both “black” and “out” if you get what im guessing at

  4. hey train,
    if ur not working on any other post right now and u got ur laptop to work (in a way) why don’t u start to make “on this day in cp history” post?
    Is it because of school or something else?

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