Club Penguin November 2011 Furniture Catalog Items

Since posting some more unreleased clothing items this morning, it was brought to my attention by my friend Brookelas that Club Penguin listed some unreleased furniture items in their files. By the looks of it there will be 13 new items. They will all be floor items.

  • Ninja Gate for 700 coins
  • Green Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Ninja Cauldron (Glowing pot thing) for 150 coins
  • Bamboo Stalks for 175 coins
  • Noodle Stand for 300 coins
  • Paper Screen for 475 coins
  • Bonsai Tree for 350 coins
  • Training Dummy for 500 coins
  • Blue Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Red Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Yellow Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Purple Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Card-Jitsu Mat for 700 coins

There will also be a new igloo catalog when this furniture catalog is released. I do not know if it will contain the Deluxe Gingerbread Igloo or not.

47 thoughts on “Club Penguin November 2011 Furniture Catalog Items

  1. What I find weird is that listed is not a single Christmas (EARLY) item in this year’s November catalog. They’ve done it lots of times before, but this year they’re not? Lol, well, I guess I’m making a Dojo this month and postponing my Christmas until Dec.

  2. Card-Jitsu Mat? Maybe you will be able to play Card Jitsu with friends right from your own or friends igloos? I hope so, thanks for the unreleased items!

  3. My little brother (pa1005) keeps talking about u!
    He’s like “ask trainman if he like my penguin” and “I want to play with trainman”.
    LOL!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D!

  4. but the lanterns, and the ninja gate, and some of the other items, how can they be floor items? I mean, usually floor items are carpets or gym mats or whatever. How could lanterns be floor items?

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