Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Items

Remember how a few weeks ago I posted the items for the November 2011 Clothing Catalog? All of those items (except some of the pins and the igloo) have been released. However, there are some more ninja items I haven’t posted yet (until now) that are unreleased!

Body Items:

  • Ancient Dragon for 600 coins
  • Sage Fish for 400 coins
  • Snow Monkey for 550 coins
  • Fire Training Plates for free
  • Water Training Plates for free

Head Items:

  • Fire Headband (free, for everybody)
  • Water Headband (free, for everybody)

Feet Items:

  • Ancient Dragon Feet for 150 coins
  • Snow Monkey Feet for 150 coins

27 thoughts on “Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Items

  1. LOL!
    That’s cool!
    I wish i could do that… or maybe I could.
    I doubt it though. Can u ask loki terry to except my friend request?

  2. Yo rockie… just leave train alone.
    all u have to do to be friends is send a request.
    u don’t even need to ask him.
    meet me outside after your tornament ok rockie?

  3. hey rockie,
    I finnaly posted a video to youtube!
    it’s the lamest one though u will ever see in your life.
    But it’s just a introduction.
    check it out by going on my google account and then going on youtube. ;)

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