Operation Hibernation Has Already Failed

Even if I didn’t know Herbert is planning to attack System Defender soon in a seventh level, if you pay attention to one small detail on Club Penguin it’s already obvious. Before the AC 3000 you can see Klutzy.

Then once you assemble the box he escapes out of the tube through the pipe and goes off to who knows where!

Obviously Klutzy is somehow going to save the day. Maybe he will use his claws to snap the yellow wire that is powering the Mini AC 3000?

7 thoughts on “Operation Hibernation Has Already Failed

  1. impossible the wire is made of metal and klutzy is a stupid dumb crab he wouldnt know how to save herbert i think klutzy betrayed herbert as you can see klutzy has no dialog in any system defender levels after track herbert *i got that when i was looking through club penguins files thanks for telling me how to prove you wrong* and all evidence points towards klutzy betraying herbert forever and joining the protobot I WIN YOU LOOSE! YOU JUST CANT STAND BEING WRONG SO YOU TRY TO COVER IT UP WHEN YOU ARE WRONG WELL I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU THIS TIME IT ISNT WORKING YOUR BUSTED TRUEMAN! BUSTED! BUSTED! BUSTED!

  2. It would be so cool if somehow Herbert took over the entire island and claimed it for the polar bears. then we had to move to a new collection of islands and rebuilt :) ik it would never happen… but wouldn’t that be such a cool twist?? And they could rename the island… The Penguin Islands… or something… LOL IM NOT CREATIVE.

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