The Scoop On Club Penguin Field Ops

It’s been a little over a month since Elite Penguin Force agents have received any word on our spy phones, and even received a field ops! When Gary last talked to us he said we’ll be getting weekly training ops as the island has been quiet. So much for weekly, as it’s been quite a few weeks since we’ve received one – and we’ve only had one training ops in the first place!

Because it’s been a month with no word on anything I decided to contact Club Penguin asking why the island has been quiet, and why we haven’t received any field ops when Gary said we would be getting weekly training ops, one per agent class.

After a little under 24 hours later, I got an email response back from the Club Penguin Support Team. This is the highlight of their response:

Ever since Herbert’s surprise visit to the island, operations at the EPF have been a little up in the air as we are unsure of his next move.  That being said, G is working very hard to figure out that pesky polar bears next move, as well as planning out further Field Op training missions.

It answers most of my questions – the only thing it didn’t answer is why Gary abandoned the weekly training ops as he stated we would have. It somewhat answers that question, as he said G is working very hard to figure out what Herbert is planning. I think we’ll be finding out soon…

3 thoughts on “The Scoop On Club Penguin Field Ops

  1. What if Herbert was blackmailing Gary so he would stay quiet until he could attempt his attack at the August Agent Party? Or even worse……

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