Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Cheats [Free Items + Walkthrough]

By / July 21, 2011

After much anticipation, the Adventure Party 2011 has been released on the Club Penguin island!

Table of Contents:

Free Items

Nonmembers can get the free items from the scavenger hunt.

Members can get one free item items. There is the Commander’s Coat at the Hidden Lake.

While not free, there is also a Blue Crab Costume at the Hidden Lake for 50 coins.

After you purchase it and wear it, you can play the shells game with the crab. It’s just like the first game from the third Knight’s Quest during the Medieval Party.

Member Rooms

Just like last year, members can go to the Ship Battle.

Miscellaneous Things

At this party you can earn three stamps:

  • Explorer (members only, earned by visiting all the decorated party rooms)
  • Completing a scavenger hunt
  • Musical Maestro

Rockhopper has arrived. Click here for the post on his catalog. There is also a scavenger hunt. A guide on how to find the cream soda can be found here.

The following pages have been updated:

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For Some Reason I Cant Get The Explorer Stamp. Please Tell Me Why If You Know.



It’s probably a bug…you’ll have to email Club Penguin letting them know. :)



Actually, non-members can do the crab thing if they have the red crab costume from the treasure book.