Club Penguin July 2011 Rockhopper Catalog Hidden Item Cheats

In addition to Rockhopper arriving on Club Penguin, like he always does, he has brought along an all new catalog! This new catalog features some all new items to go along with the Adventure Party. Here is his catalog:

The new items are:

  • Castaway Face Paint for 50 coins
  • The Rascal for 300 coins
  • Scallywag Rag for 325 coins

The old items are:

  • Puffle Bandana for free
  • Wall Map for 250 coins
  • Tropical Palm for 300 coins

There is one hidden item in this catalog. It’s the Ship in a Bottle which costs 355 coins. To get it, click on the island on the Wall Map. This is an old item.

The following page has been updated:

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