Club Penguin Adventure Party 2011 Cheats & Theories

In addition to my Adventure Party 2011 Exclusives and crab theories, Happy77’s video has quite a bit of key information about the party. First off, the map has something new. It has a note about the Island Adventure Party with a thing that says go there…maybe from now on when you log onto Club Penguin the map will pop up and you can pick which room you want to go to?

You get a view of most of the  of the Plaza.

Because of this, by the looks of it the Plaza will look the same this year, as it did last year.

You get to see the Pizza Parlor in Happy77’s video. I’m pretty sure it was not decorated last year, so that’s cool. Here’s the first part of the Pizza Parlor.

Here is the second part of the Pizza Parlor. Maybe those birds (like the one on the Piano) will be for a scavenger hunt?

There is also the Town.

When you compare it to the Town last year, it looks the exact same. However, in Happy77’s video there is a note on the pole outside of the Dance Club.

Because the Town looks the same, chances are the Dance Club will sport the same look it had last year. I think they’ll change the Lei color, or give out the Hawaiian Lei. (or some sort of lei in the room) If you need a memory refresh or was not at the party last year, here is what the Dance Club looked like:

You also get a good look at about half the Snow Forts, the side closer to the Town.

Comparing it to last year’s Snow Forts, the room has undergone a little bit of change. Take a look and compare Happy77’s sneak peek to last year’s party room:

Another room you see in Happy77’s video is the Cove.

Comparing it to last years, the only difference there is is the crab.

The last room you see is the Iceberg.

It looks the same last last years, just with the crabs added.

i262924267_57653_2.png (500×314)

Also, you can see the two signs up in Happy77’s room advertising the member room.

This means the pirate ship room will be returning.

i262924255_90668_2.png (499×313)

Also, one last thing I wanted to point out is because the Beach has the same construction boxes as last year, it’ll probably end up looking like this.

i262924253_19875_2.png (499×312)

That’s all! I hope you enjoyed the post and enjoyed seeing last year’s party. If you want to see more of 2010 Adventure Party, click here.

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