Club Penguin Music Jam 2011 Party Cheats [Free Items + Walkthrough]

The Music Jam 2011 is on Club Penguin! There is much to see, so check out the guide below!

Table of Contents:

Free Items

Nonmembers can get the Music Jam Cap at the Cove.

Members can get two items. There is the Boombox at the Dance Club Rooftop. It is an old item.

There is also a Green Swirl T-Shirt at the Backstage.

T-Shirt Item Booths

There is two item booths! The first one is at the Snow Forts and Ski Village. Here it is:

  • 2011 All Access Pass for 50 coins
  • White Dress Shoes for 420 coins
  • The Fiesta for 200 coins
  • Green and Blue Maracas for 125 coins
  • The Hairspray for 300 coins
  • Pink Diva Shades for 125 coins
  • The Cabana for 350 coins
  • Orange Boa for 200 coins
  • Tropical Ruffle Dress for 425 coins
  • Summer Suit for 450 coins

Here is the second one:

  • 2011 All Access Pass for 50 coins
  • Red High Tops for 250 coins
  • Leather Watch for 150 coins
  • Stompin’ Bob Cuff for 175 coins
  • G Billy Bandana for 150 coins
  • Petey K Shades for 65 coins
  • The Rock Bandana for 300 coins
  • Classy T-Shirt for 150 coins
  • Sound Wave T-Shirt for 150 coins
  • Franky Tee for 250 coins
  • Electro T-Shirt for 150 coins

Music Jam Catalog

The 2011 Music Jam Catalog is located at the Backstage, which you can access from the Casa Fiesta. There is some hidden items in this catalog.

The items you can buy are:

  • Congo Drums for 300 coins
  • Trumpet for 450 coins
  • Oil Slick Guitar for 500 coins
  • Orange Double Necked Guitar for 600 coins
  • Blue Accordion for 200 coins
  • Tambourine for 100 coins

The hidden items are:

Click the word music for the Drum Sticks which cost 120 coins and the Blue Snare Drum which costs 380 coins.


The Backstage is accessible from the Casa Fiesta. Here you can access the Music Jam Catalog. (shown above) This is the main spot where you can meet the Penguin Band after their gigs. If you  meet them, you will get up to four stamps and their background.

Casa Fiesta

This is the second year the Casa Fiesta is at the Music Jam. It was added last year. Cadence tends to hang out here. It’s a Mexian or Spanish culture like room. It’s very festive, as you can see!


The Rooftop is a room Cadence hangs out at. It’s different than it normally is. Here is what it looks like:

Miscellaneous Things

As my guide to the Music Jam slowly comes to an end, there is a few things I want to point out. As said above you can indeed meet the Club Penguin Band and Cadence at the Music Jam. The Penguin Band also plays at the Iceberg. They go by every little while.

The Music Maker 3000 is also accessible from the Snow Forts!

You should be able to get the Explorer Stamp at this party, however it does not work at this time. I’ve emailed Club Penguin about this and am awaiting a response.

The following pages have been updated:

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  1. I don’t know how to get the Explorer Stamp. Can you please list all the rooms in exact order in getting the Explorer Stamp! Thanks!

    • @Aurocow & Marvin:

      You *should* be able to unlock it but maybe Club Penguin forgot to make it unlockable. I’ll try emailing them about it.

  2. Thanks for the answer! I hope Club penguin makes this stamp unlockable in the music jam. Please email us if the Clubpenguin make the Explorer Stamp unlockable. Thank you… Trainman1405

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