Poll: Should I give out my Club Penguin merchandise as this year’s holiday giveaway?

Hi there Club Penguin Memories readers,

As my Club Penguin journey is soon over, one thing I want to do is get rid of my Club Penguin toys. I figure I’d try selling them on eBay, donating them, or giving them out here. I’ve got plush toys, mix and match toys, and many Card-Jitsu cards. The coin codes, are, of course, all used. I can include them for collector’s sake if you’d like, however.

So, thus I ask the question, would you be interested if I had a giveaway of my Club Penguin merchandise? I’d likely do a few different winners and they all get some of everything, e.g. a plush toy, a mix and match, and some Card-Jitsu cards. (unless they specified differently)

I would keep this contest open internationally, however I just hope that international shipping doesn’t cost me my life savings! :P

Let me know by voting in the poll or voicing your thoughts in the comments.

Should I give out my Club Penguin merchandise as this year's giveaway?

  • Yes (80%, 39 Votes)
  • No (20%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 49

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Thanks, and Happy Holidays.


11 thoughts on “Poll: Should I give out my Club Penguin merchandise as this year’s holiday giveaway?

  1. I understand why you’re leaving. I used to play Club Penguin EVERY day but I stopped since last year November and I still go on every few weeks. I personally myself have a lot of merchandise but I dont need them. Plus they’re making Club Penguin Island which in my opinion has ruined everything. They hardly release any newspapers, and they stopped releasing magazines. Sorry for making a long paragraph lol.
    And yes I think you should unless if you want to keep them for memories.

  2. If this was 2 years ago, I would have been all for it! I literally got rid of my whole Club Penguin collection last summer! xD

    It’s sad to know that you’re finally letting go, but Club Penguin is so terrible nowadays that it’s probably for the best (I’d imagine it’ll be closing down not long after you finish your blog)!

      • I’ve been searching club penguin things for old times’ sake and stumbled upon this. Thanks for deleting me from Facebook! :( I can’t believe you’re finally throwing in the towel. You had a good run on Club Penguin!

        • Queen! Hi! I hadn’t deleted you from FB. I used to have a separate Facebook for internet friends (but now I could care less about such a thing) and I had deleted it a long time ago since I never really used to. If you want I can send an email to the one you used for this comment containing a link to my real one. I’d be happy to add you on there.

          • Did it take you a while to notice it was me? Sorry! It’s totally fine if you don’t add me. I was only giving you crap about it. ;) But, it’s nice to hear from old CP friends every once in a while.

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