Ten Years Ago Today I Joined Club Penguin

Today, ten years ago, I joined Club Penguin. Now it is time to wind things down.

I was 11 years old when I joined Club Penguin back on August 4, 2006. I was young, innocent, and not into computers a whole lot at that age. The year before I had gone to Minnesota to visit my aunt and uncle who live out there and gotten a dog, Ginger, who my family still has and loves dearly.

When joining Club Penguin I had absolutely no idea it was going to stick with me for ten whole years, but it did, and I am so thankful for it happening to me. I was at my friend’s Kyle’s house back in July and he was playing it, and I wanted to make my own account. So, like any child does at that age, I asked my parents if I could. She did some research on it and had even gone to an internet safety seminar at my church. August 4th was the day I got the go-ahead.

Username: Trainman1405
Password: pen11

Yes, for some reason I remember my password from ten years ago, but cannot remember what I ate for dinner the night before.

So much has happened over the last ten years, both in my life and also in the world of Club Penguin. When I joined Club Penguin most players had Piczo websites, some a WordPress blog. Twitter existed, but no Club Penguin players were on there. Our way of communicating was either through these Piczo websites or on actual Club Penguin, when any innocent phrase actually passed the filter. I’ve been parts of each “generation” of Club Penguin. I’ve been there for every update since joining, almost 10/11ths of it at this point. I’ve seen communities rise and fall. There’s been countless bloggers, YouTubers, forums, and general Club Penguin websites that have come and gone while I’ve played. Remember PengSpace? I outlived that. Heck, I’ve outlived 99% of the users who have ever played Club Penguin. If I continued playing the game, soon I’d be playing the game for literally half of my life. I’ve seen the game at its highest point and now also its lowest. I’ve seen the game greatly evolve and change over the years.

I used to be addicted to all things Club Penguin. Around the ages of 12-13 I’d be spending half my days on Miniclip’s Club Penguin forum. That place used to be the bomb; it was filled with activity. I have so many memories, so many enjoyable moments throughout these last ten years. So many great things have happened thanks to Club Penguin. Heck, if I weren’t for Club Penguin, I wouldn’t have a girlfriend for (what will be in two more days) four years and counting. I wouldn’t be seeing her several times a year. I’d just be here, at home, doing nothing. Seriously. If Club Penguin never existed I never would have met her. If it wasn’t for Club Penguin I probably would not be interested in the computer much. I wouldn’t know much about coding or computers in general. But like a lot of Club Penguin players, it made me become interested in that. And I owe so much to the Club Penguin Team for that and everything else it has caused in my life.

But alas, I’ve been thinking long and hard, and it is definitely time to pack my bags and move on. The game is no longer charming to me, in reality it has not been for a couple years now. I’ve been getting by just fine, but this year, as I am sure you’ve been able to tell, I’m really struggling. I don’t care about blogging about Club Penguin anymore. If you look at my tweets you’ll see that I’m mostly saying negative things about the game. Sure, a lot of it is done in jest, but it is still how I feel about the game.

And so, it’s time to move on. Not quite yet, though. It may sound silly, but I’m not quite done with this journey. I could easily stop today and quit if I wanted to, but I have a few more important blog posts I’d like to write first. Remember how time to time I’d write these big several thousand word investigative blog posts? I have one more I’d really like to do. Maybe I’ll even find the motivation to pick up on blogging where I left off two months ago, who knows. When I’ll get to that I don’t know, sometime before the year’s end I guess. I’d also to host one final holiday giveaway, this time putting all of my old (coin code-less) Club Penguin toys up for grabs, assuming people are interested. Maybe even a party too, although I’ve never been done to care for parties. At least I’ll get to see the Project Super Secret beta, unless it’s delayed even longer. Does this mean I’m sticking around until the very end of the year? I don’t know. I do not have any specific date in mind, other than that this is my final few months. Maybe I’ll officially call it quits before December but still host the aforementioned giveaway.

What’s next, and what will happen to Club Penguin Memories and my other blogs? Club Penguin Memories I will keep online for at least another year or two, left untouched without any bloggers keeping it active. Club Penguin Bugs will expire next March and Club Penguin Code will expire this November. I’ll still be using Twitter, keeping the username Trainman1405 for now. Maybe I’ll change it some day, I don’t know. And I do plan to going back to my book blog. So with that, here is our half goodbye. I’m still around, and will be just a little while longer. Thank you for everything so far. Whether I’ve known you for 10 years or 10 seconds, you’ve all been so kind and friendly to me.

Oh, and to Club Penguin: it’s still not too late to hire me. Get in touch. :P

30 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago Today I Joined Club Penguin

  1. Well. I’ve been waiting for this for ages… not willingly. It was definetly coming. You hadn’t posted in over a month. Farewell trainman. Have a good life. I’ve never commented, but this seems appropriate.

  2. So there he goes… Along with Saraapril,he was one of the most iconic, fastest and at least for me the BEST blogger in the community… Good luck Devin you are an inspiration to every penguin :)

    • Almost forgot to say this:
      Clubpenguin also got me into computers and coding, and I’m working on my first project.
      I hope CP does contact you and hire you, you’d be the best Mod/Dev :D

  3. Thank you for keeping this blog for the time it lasted. I hope CP ends up hiring you; you’re the perfect candidate!

  4. good bye bro. U inspired me to open my blog. And i also closed it cuz i am also boar with Cp. Soon cp. coc and COR will die. Pokemon go is ruling. But it will also die one day

  5. If you remember me from last year hey :P I was like a huge fan of yours before I stopped playing and today I came to Club Penguin and saw the Frozen Fever party (another!?) and well, it was kind of nostalgic but after logging off I instantly came her and read this post. Its been a huge part of my life for so long and so has your blog which i checked every day. xD Goodbye Trainman, maybe we will meet again. Peace!

  6. Dear Trainman,
    Just wanted to wish you good luck with whatever the future throws at you … Never take anything for granted XD. You’ve inspired a whole community, now its time for the journey to come to an end.
    Good luck, Have fun

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