Will French Be The Next Language on Club Penguin to Get the Boot?

Back in September Club Penguin took down the German and Russian versions of the game, and, if history repeats itself, French may be the next one to go.

Last month when Rockhopper was visiting Club Penguin I noticed something kind of strange: Club Penguin gave out meetup times for all the languages except French. Maybe they forgot? Unlikely, but who knows.

Now Gary’s visiting for the Prehistoric Party, and a week into it, and still no sign of meetup times for him in French servers. Only English, Spanish, and Portuguese. There’s more to the overall picture, though. No submitted comments are being approved, either.

Indeed, none of the posts have comments. Sure, one could argue that maybe nobody is submitting comments, however, you would think there’d be at least a couple…

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.38.07 PM

Especially on the word search ones. But nope, there’s nothing at all.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.38.16 PM

The last there were comments approved on Club Penguin’s French blog were two months ago at the end of November.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.38.35 PM

Finally, while I understand there are more factors not being considered such as the time of day, with the exception of three four-barred safe chat servers, every single server was only one bar. (Also wow, lots of safe chat servers?? Jeeze.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.55.38 PM

What do you think? Is Club Penguin’s French language going to be the next to go, or is it just the blog that’s suffering and being neglected after Loustik005 left the team in June 2015?

20 thoughts on “Will French Be The Next Language on Club Penguin to Get the Boot?

  1. Did you mean to say every single singer was one bar XD I love this post this is most interesting but when you think about it English servers aren’t doing any hotter as only a few are populated an the rest left to rot

  2. Could be. If penguins can no longer visit French servers, it may mean that the team translating to French may become moderators, meaning no more autotyping army bots. (I sincerely hope with all of my heart)

    • It’s not really discrimination, keeping it up for the sake of keeping it up even if it didn’t have enough players would be pointless. They’re not discriminating against Germans or Russians, and they weren’t discriminating to any of the other languages before they had those servers.

    • It’s not cost effective. It takes time and resources to translate the game to other languages. If it’s not profitable enough, it’s not worth it since it means they’re losing money on it.

  3. sad to say. But really, since Loustik left, rarely seen fuller French servers, in this case, the Yeti server, which is what focuses few penguins, but remains the fullest. Still, since 2014 there in the months of August / September servers is emptying. To the Penguin Cup, I had the Yeti server with 4 bars, 5, sometimes full. And Jour de Neige would get a 2 or 3, but after the penguin cup or music jam everything started to decline.
    In fact, Kezacoa blogger is not the real, the team placed a restraining called Red Rouge in her place in June, without anyone knowing.
    The absence of comments, is due to the difficulty of the moderators, as the translation to French was made in the UK, with lock, everything was in the hands of the tiny staff that is in Kelowna to translate into French, which are only 5 moderators . Until October 2015, Kezacoa marked time for the famous, but then said suddenly stopped. This is probably due to the small number of penguins that connected the scheduled times, I myself have been the Rookie against if I’m not mistaken on 10th Anniversary Party with only 5 penguins without telling me and Rookie.
    Like many penguins, you play every day in French, taking advantage of the latest parties in French, since, if not improve until after the launch of Project: Super Secret, the French servers closed

  4. what if cp will close down there English servers we lose all our 5 hundred dollars you spent for at least 2 years and also I don’t see the point of playing this game anymore in grade 4 back in 2012 it was fun playing with my friends even though I didn’t had an account I used a spare my friend gave me in 2014 I made an account and after the frozen party I sortta lost interest because they lost all there followers and views on the game on the game you showed on your twitter page. to conclude I have no idea why I am typing this because I am bored and I also found a random tweet on your twitter and I was watching the black ops 3 live stream :D bye ppl who are reading this

  5. Hi ! (I’m French)

    Since our good friend Loustik is gone, the blog was taken over by Kezacoa, and there are only 4 French in Kelowna. I have often talked to them and they have confessed me they do not have the time to post blog comments. They assure me very often CP FR will not go away! We are still too many to disappear, the French community is very strong! While the starting Loustik impoverishes us but we will not go! And Loustik is not really gone, we recontacted him and now he helps us to support the community!

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