Club Penguin Lays Off 28 More Employees

Less than a year after laying off more than 60 employees, Club Penguin has decided to let go of 28 more.

The 28 figure is confirmed, however according to Castanet, a news website for Kelowna and the surrounding areas, a source told them that 28 is the exact number. The article also mentions that it’s possible that more employees will be let go from the California office, as the 28 employees let go on Friday are all from Canada.

Another news website, TechVibes, has a bit more information, albeit unconfirmed. It says that employees from different sections such as QA, programming, and even the art team were let go.

While I’m skeptical about their source of this information, the TechVibes article also states that the employees were let go as Club Penguin no longer needs many people from their 2D team as they are moving towards the 3D version of Club Penguin, which we know as Project Super Secret. The article also goes as far as claiming that PSS will be mobile only. Of course, this is all unconfirmed, and thus I suggest treating it with scepticism for the time begin.

Thanks to Pen50gi for the tip.

19 thoughts on “Club Penguin Lays Off 28 More Employees

  1. sigh
    I really wish they would tell us when they are going to kill 2D.
    My membership has elapsed and I don’t want to waste my money on that 3D crap. The family’s other 5 members don’t either.

    It’s too bad, this was a good site for the cousins to spend time on together, We seldom can in real life, as some of us live in another country.

  2. “Yaaaay ! Let’s create a 3D game and kill 2D game, because the newer version is more like Meinkraft and older just sucks and is not Disney !” I love how it works, rly…

  3. #SaveTheClubPenguin

    If this is actually true that Project: Super Secret is just for mobile, then WE the CP Players should spam CP with the hashtag #SaveTheClubPenguin like it happened in December 2014 with the Merry Walrus Party.

    Now this is SERIOUSLY a good reason to do such action. Then again, I’d like to wait and hear the CP Team’s official announcement regarding to this.

    In the meantime…


  4. Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind PSS being mobile only? Cuz I don’t like the 3D thing…its just a feature Club Penguin really needs. The game is fine in 2D like it is. :/

    • Not sure about other people but in my case, I’m completely frustated by the fact that the CP Team spent more than 2 years on something exclusive for mobile players and NOT for desktop. We got many horrible parties and items, and few content later on when they started working on it. I mean, was it really worth making something huge like that that won’t benefit all players? Worst of all, due to the CP Team laying off many 2D artists, this could be a clue that CP could abolish the desktop game making CP only playable on mobile devices.

  5. Hmmm…maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed less and less penguins online the same time as me. I mean in years past you couldn’t get into the Christmas server during the month of December and this last year I found myself in there alone several times. Some of the CP fan sites have been vanishing too. I guess when you combine all that with all the people being let go there’s a pretty good chance that Club Penguin won’t be around much longer.

    • Not surprising really…
      The one stupid move of dumping Christmas and Santa completely for a walrus special lost them many players. My friend list dropped by a third that December. Not to mention it only played once or twice and many kids didn’t even see it.

      It is odd of them to suffocate Club Penguin, as so many of the old DOS games are going strong. Someone just adjusted them to play on new devices.
      The toys for those old games still sell well, too. Yet Disney quit making toys for Club Penguin.

      The audience is out there, yet advertising for the site is nonexistent.

      Old-fashioned and charming sells.

      I wonder WHY they want it dead?

  6. I think it’s safe to say, Club Penguin is reaching its conclusion. Apps going down like the Sled racing app, and puffle app, and the periodic laying off of employees just seems to strongly suggest CP is on its last legs, and Disney is just fine making preparations to pull the plug.

    It’s sad…just really sad to see this.

  7. Since they suddenly released a ton of rare items, and after seeing Project Super Secret again, and after hearing this, CP is clearly going down the same route as Bearville; it’s going to close soon enough, and it looks like we’ll have to say goodbye to our childhoods once and for all! They’re covering it up as “going to mobile” but I wouldn’t be surprised if we were unable to use our old accounts on the app.

    It’s sad, but CP has been going downhill for so long that I’m not as sad to see it go as I would have been 5 years ago…

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