The Club Penguin Times Newspaper Is Now Biweekly


Club Penguin was supposed to update their newspaper on Wednesday when they released a new pin, but they never did. Was it yet another bug, or something more? Curious, players contacted Club Penguin Support and asked. The answer? The Club Penguin Times newspaper will now be released every other week rather than every seven days.

While I personally don’t care how frequent or infrequently the newspaper is updated since a majority of the articles are just filler and nothing of importance, I do wish Club Penguin gave an official notice ahead of time about this change. Maybe they could’ve, oh, I don’t know, written a newspaper article about it in Issue 546 rather than writing an article about Rookie skateboarding? Or written about in Issue 545 rather than an article about tubas?

Club Penguin’s response to my email was as follows:

The Club Penguin Times is going to be released twice a month going forward. Please stay tuned this week for a new issue!

I also apologize for the fact that a What’s New Blog post has not been released about this topic. We can’t promise that Megg will be creating a blog post about this but your concern has been heard by our Team. 

So there you have it, folks. We’re going to be getting a new edition of the newspaper every other week from now on, meaning only two to three newspaper issues a month rather than four to five.

UPDATE: Today Megg announced this change on the blog.

Hi penguins,

The ink shortage is real!

The Club Penguin Times is now being released twice a month.

The extra time gives Aunt Arctic a chance to cover all the best Club Penguin news and dig deeper into the island’s secrets. It also gives you an extra week to catch up on what’s happening.

You can still totally send your questions, fan art, and jokes to the Club Penguin Times. Aunt Arctic loves reading them!

Happy reading, everyone. Keep your flippers inky.

-Club Penguin Team

2 thoughts on “The Club Penguin Times Newspaper Is Now Biweekly

  1. The club Penguin times, is it actually still needed on Club penguin? i mean Who actually reads it these days? There is nothing in it that’s actually “good” or worth to be reading.
    I think its better to just stop creating Penguin Times issues because even the penguins who send in stories are fake..

    So, if they now do 1 issue Bi-weekly as you say, does that means the Penguin times will be back but with BETTER stories and news instead of what we have now? cuz they have more time to create it.

    anyway, sorry for my long comment’s here :D

    hopefully they release a huge sneak peek from the project super secret because honestly , my interest in club Penguin is going down every single week.


    First they listen and then they go back doing the stuff before they listend to us…
    Now Pins are back big, next up is a pin that actually is the Room itself…

    releasing bugs when updating something is normal BUT seriously, pins that dissapear and they even don’t fix it, more bugs into the game weekly then updates…

    i wish Disney would give Club Penguin more employees that can code to work faster on this secret project so the new clubpenguin with hopefully no bugs will be released very soon.

    • I honestly loved the newspaper, it was one of the only reasons why I went online every Wednesday, I actually stopped searching pins a while ago, because it’s really easy nowadays, but I always read the newspaper. What I loved about them was seeing more mascots helping to write the newspaper, I know my opinion is unpopular”

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