Club Penguin 25 Holiday Giveaways Calendar

Club Penguin’s doing something new this year! Remember how at the 2011 Holiday Party there was an advent calendar at the Forest, with a new item unlocking each day? Well, Club Penguin is doing something similar, but with 25 days of free items!


To the awesome team at Club Penguin,

Congratulations on 10 years. 10 is a big milestone and all of us players are happy to be a part of it and witness this historic moment. Thank you for existing and having such a profound impact on all of us. Keep up the great work, and of course happy birthday. :)

Club Penguin Monster Beach Party Now Available on iTunes

After airing on television in the UK in August and the United States in September, this past Monday Disney has finally added the Monster Beach Party Club Penguin special to iTunes for purchasing. It’s $2.99 for the HD version and $1.99 for the SD copy. The availability of this television special on iTunes has yet to…