Club Penguin Will Be Gaining A New Chat Component

By / May 17, 2016

Back in April an article about Disney was published by the LA Times. Club Penguin wasn’t its focus, however a brief line towards the end made mention of the game.

Disney also plans to revamp Club Penguin, a virtual playground for children, with a new chat component, Heatherly said.

For the unfamiliar, Chris Heatherly is Spike Hike. In a way, we’ve kind of known Club Penguin was gaining some sort of new chat feature. Back in January 2013 Spike Hike tweeted (now deleted) that the game would be gaining private chat later in the year, then in July 2013 he said some great social things are coming — which we’re still waiting for.

So, is the new chat component private chat or something else? I guess time will tell.

The full LA Times article, if you’re interested, can be found here.

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