Private Chat Feature Coming To Club Penguin This Year

Spike Hike has revealed that a private chatting feature will be coming to Club Penguin this year! He was vague about it, so not too much is known, other than that there will be one arriving at some point this year – so we have about 360 days.

Hopefully we can see if our messages go through or not based on Club Penguin’s chat filters, however.

Thanks IJames and Mt Orange!

36 thoughts on “Private Chat Feature Coming To Club Penguin This Year

  1. what does that mean? ,cp is going to let some players that bug other players talk behind their backs?,not a chance!
    – Shera54321

  2. what now?,cp team is going to let players that bugged other players talk behind their backs?,i dont think so!,not a chance!,we are not going to let that happen!
    – Shera54321

  3. When you private chat, it will probably where no one else sees it except you and the person your chatting to. Thats my prediction.

  4. They should do a mini puplic chat for each server say I go on sleet there’s a mini chat for sleet and you can put the emotes and stuff wouldn’t that be cool instead of that thing? My theory is first if you want to chat with someone there will say would you like to chat chris dog90? Then click yes or no, Click yes then the other person gets a little pop up and says do you want to chat with Chris Dog90? Then click yes or no. what do you think of my theory? Lets put it this way click there playcard it has a chat icon then click it then it would say would you like to chat to Trainman1405 then click yes then this chat pops up and the other person (me) will get a little pop up on the side like the puffle thing then it will say do you want to chat with Trainman1405? Then I click yes then it will say Chris Dog90 as joined the chat! That seems right to me. what do you think of my theory
    ~Chris Dog90

  5. Oh great, we’re going into crisis. The postcard business is going to lose a lot of coins and will have financial problems…that doesn’t sound good.

    Eh, just kidding. This sounds great. It’d be cool if we could do it with moderators/mascots.

  6. Also, is it going to be when we “Know” the message will show? I mean like sometimes, the message does not want to show.

    • How? if i wanna private chat with my friend we have to go to his or my iggy and trust me my iggy has nothing in it just 2 puffles so its boring but anyway thats how we private chat.

      • :O are we gonna be able to private chat from one server to another server for example i was on the server sleet and my friend on the server rainbow will we be able to chat or will one of us will have to server jump? I hope the private chat comes with server jump :D that would be awesome.

  7. Train when you said that you thought the Puffle Party will be in February,read Aunt Arctic’s article and it says Cadence is working on something for February.

    Does this mean another Fashion show?

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