Club Penguin Is Extending The 2016 Puffle Party

By / April 6, 2016

While the Puffle Party has been enjoyable, now it just feels like overkill since today Club Penguin announced on their blog that they are extending it even further after already taking place for three weeks.

Here is the blog post Megg wrote:

Hi Penguins,

Great news! The Puffle Party’s been such a huge hit that we’ve decided to keep the celebration going :D

That means if you missed out on playing hide-n-seek with your favorite color of puffle… there’s still time! Here are the new party end dates:

Desktop computers: April 20th, 2016

Club Penguin app: May 18th, 2016

You’ll notice that on the Club Penguin app, the Puffle Party extends right through the April Party. That’s because, on desktop computers, players can join in on this year’s Wilderness Expedition! (YAY!) Players on our mobile app can continue to enjoy all the epicness of the Puffle Party. :D

Here’s a clue to what the Wilderness Expedition will be about…


Let us know what you think will happen at this year’s expedition in the comments below!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team


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Pixel (@Pixelsawse)

Pixel (@Pixelsawse)

Remember back when CP actually gave a proper reason for extending their parties? That was when effort was being put in.



True that,



Overkill is sure is, c’mon another 1and a half month? ( 18th may) … seriously then just do a random event instead like funny hat week but like a scavenger hunt, find all the parts of the hat item to build it and get the item for you to wear and have.