On This Day In Club Penguin History – January 21

On the 21st of January Club Penguin has had minor updates in 2013 and 2014. With the exception of one update they all pertain to logoff screens.

The first update in 2013 was a new logoff screen advertising the Ancient Tree furniture item, which members would be able to obtain starting the 23rd of January. A second logoff screen advertising the Age of Dinosaurs igloo background was also added. It said that starting the 26th of January members would be able to get the item. The final update in 2013 was the Volcano furniture item now being available at the Prehistoric Party.

EN Prehistoric-0116 Exit Screen 6

As for 2014, there was one update. A logoff screen advertising that year’s Prehistoric Party, which began the 23rd of January, was added. It had pictures of different dinosaurs and read “Go back in time!”.


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