More Club Penguin OPERATION DOOM Information and Music

As a follow up to my previous post about February’s EPF event, here is the event’s music and a few more lines of text that will be seen at OPERATION DOOM. Club Penguin also slightly changed two lines of text.

First off, here are the two lines of changed text. The first one is Herbert speaking and the second is Rookie.

MWAHAHAHA! The Uncolorizer of DOOM is ready! No penguin will want to live on a colorless island!

MWAHAHAHA! The Uncolorizer of DOOM is ready! Penguins won’t want to stay on a colorless island!

Whoa now, Herbert! It’s one thing to blast and shrink our island. But don’t you EVER take the color off our pizza!

Whoa now, Herbert! You’ve done some evil stuff. But don’t mess with our pizza!

Here are some additional quotes and lines of text from the party:

  1. Rookie: We gotta stop this. I like color! Maybe there’s a clue in that huge hole in the ground.
  2. Herbert: MWAHAHAHA! The Shrink Ray of DOOM is ready! You penguins will be too small to stop me!
  3. Stop Herbert before he steals all the color from the island!
  4. Have you checked out what’s going on at the Forts? Herbert P. Bear!!
  5. Laser Dance Party at the Snow Forts!
  6. There’s a tiny problem in the Town.
  7. Oh no! Have you seen what’s happening in Town? Everyone’s SHRUNK!
  8. Have you tried to deactivate Herbert’s evil contraption? Check out the Plaza.
  9. Herbert is trying to drain color from the Plaza! Check it out
  10. Investigate the cave in the Plaza. Be ready, agent.
  11. New item collection authorised
  12. Pick up member items like the Mirror Ball Costume and the Black and White Pizza
  13. Earn the Driller Outfit
  14. Items are EPF rewards

There will be six tasks at the party, two a week. The first two will probably be available on the 11th of February. I know one (maybe both?) will take place at the Snow Forts. The next week, on February 18th, will be at the Town. Then, on the 25th of February, will take place at the Plaza. There will be a hole in the ground needing investigating. Maybe the underground maze from last year will return? I think it will, since one of the tracks for OPERATION DOOM has “cave maze” in its title. If it is indeed returning, I do not know if it will be the same maze from last year or changed for 2016. Here’s all the tracks that will be playing during the event:

7 thoughts on “More Club Penguin OPERATION DOOM Information and Music

  1. This is great. I love the music choices, especially the last one, which sounds like it’s a higher-pitched version of a song from Herbert’s Revenge DS. I’m looking forward to mini-sprites and stuff like that. It sounds like every room is going to be decorated as well. Not much, but just with everything in gray. I’m so excited!!!!

  2. Awesome find train thanks for sharing it with us!!! Must of taken hard work to find this to me it sounds like a end party to 2D cp and entry to 3D cp well anyways keep up the good work! :)

  3. Cool music choices. I love them, but I won’t listen to them, because I prefer old version, especially of Ruby and The Ruby. It is very nostalgic music, one of my favourites and the renovated version doesn’t look like it’s played with a gramophone, also with storm in bg, making this secretly or something. 2Fab4U, still love old CP :F

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