Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Today Instead!

Last month when Meggbot posted the game music fixes schedule it was revealed that Club Penguin was going to be updating on the 10th of November, a little earlier in the week than usual There is no set update time so it could be morning, afternoon, or night for you when the game is updated. This will be their forty sixth week of 2015. This week there is a minor amount of updates.

The expected updates this week are as follows:

  • New Pin
  • Club Penguin Times Issue 525
  • Probably a new EPF message

If you have not already done the following I recommend you do so before Club Penguin updates.

Posts related to tonight’s updates include:

I might be a little late at posting this week as today I’m flying to Michigan to visit my girlfriend again. :) Also, the game will be returning back to its normal Wednesday updates next week.

6 thoughts on “Reminder: Club Penguin Updates Today Instead!

  1. Hey Trainman,

    I was waddling around the island and I saw that in the EPF room you can access the PSA missions again (I don’t know if you knew that) also, it may be just me, but I’ve seen some interesting shape shadows around the island. Well cya later!

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