Sneak Peeks of Club Penguin’s November (and possibly December) 2015 Items

Club Penguin has just about 40 unreleased items in their files that we’ll be seeing next month, and possibly December, too. There’s backgrounds, pins, body items, head items, and more! Some are casual clothes, some are related to the holidays, and there’s even some moustaches! Read on, but be warned – spoilers ahead!

I do not know any specifics on item names, cost, or if they are for nonmembers or not.

There will be four new backgrounds released in the near future. They are all alms the same, aside from the door(?) colours. Green, purple, yellow, and orange.


Next week’s pin will be a moustache and scissors, then a “5001” one, which will probably be released during November’s event. The shades of green on it reminds me of boot camp for some reason. Finally, there is a holiday pin, which I absolutely love!


There are some jackets, an EPF suit, and some holiday themed body items. I dig that Green Puffle Seater.


Next week Club Penguin is holding a moustache event. Here’s the three moustaches that will be released. There is also another face item, alien sunglasses, that will be released some time later in November.


As for hand items, there is a globe fishing pole(?) and some green candy cane thingy, that’s all there is to it in the item’s icon so I can’t really figure out what it might be. Part of a candy cane?


There are lots of wigs for both genders. There’s also a space helmet, tin foil hat, and some other wintery items. Maybe the eye patch item will be from Rockhopper? I like it!


And finally, one new neck item – a scarf that, in my opinion, resembles a tire.


Which upcoming new items are you looking forward to collecting?

14 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks of Club Penguin’s November (and possibly December) 2015 Items

  1. “Well, that tinfoil hat ain’t gonna fold itself.” – Sticks the badger, 2015
    Seriously though, the tinfoil hat is my second favourite item behind the holiday penguin pin.

  2. Oh good – lots of recolors, I LOVE those!
    The Christmas pin is adorable.
    Maybe the candy cane thing is a porthole-like window for the gingerbread house?

  3. its something about the proto bot no card-jitsu shadow this year… been waiting for 3 years for cj party

  4. these items are just items from previous years but photoshoped some are new like the space helmet but almost all of them are the same stuff from last year but phototshoped cp could have been listening to players back then to make some new items but smaller and then I think they got over whelmed and brought back all the old items (even though I don’t care about because its just plain). now club penguin is kinda getting better I see betas coming back on cp main point is that I wish they make newer items instead of copying the format of the old ones.

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