Spikey2007 Interviews Spike Hike: Biggest Change Ever Coming In 2016

Spikey2007 managed to interview Spike Hike in person at GamesBeat 2015 and shared it with the world last week! Spikey asked players to submit their questions for him to ask Spike Hike. Naturally penguins wanted to know about Club Penguin’s future plans relating to Project Super Secret and CP Next, so Spike Hike spilled the beans a little…without being too specific, of course!

Here’s the interview video:

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • Possible stamp reboot in 2016
  • Project Super Secret is bigger than Club Penguin but incorporates it
  • Project Super Secrets brings a massive change in the ability to be social
  • A 3D reboot of Card-Jitsu was in the works but is on hold for now
  • The filter is being worked on
  • 2016 will bring much more customisation to the game

Thanks to Spikey for interviewing Spike Hike and sharing it with us!

6 thoughts on “Spikey2007 Interviews Spike Hike: Biggest Change Ever Coming In 2016

  1. I bet it might be something related to #ProjectSuperSecret or even better, CP did say a few years ago that in a few years they would have 3D Penguins on Web… that has GOT to be it! Who knows next year we might be waddling as 3D Penguins/Serving Jumping!

  2. I really don’t understand. If Merry Walrus come backt his year at the Holiday Party in Club Penguin, why deleted The Club Penguin Team Merry Walrus as the mascot earlier this year? That really strange.

  3. I’m not sure if that response to why they don’t have any Twitter accounts the staff . Was legit or it was just made up as a company if they get asked

  4. I honestly don’t like the aspect of 3D being in game. Honestly I like the models just the way they are. I just hope Club Penguin doesn’t change the game in a way that ruins it. They’ve already been declining the last two years..so let’s hope things don’t get worse.

  5. Well they’re raising the price $40 for 6 months instead of 60 dollars for 12 months.
    That means we have to chose which one of the 5 members won’t get a membership.
    That’s a big change.
    I hoped they would add me as a member this year but not if its 80 dollars

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