In Case You Haven’t Heard Yet, Club Penguin Removed Herbert’s Meetup Times

Last week when Club Penguin posted all of October’s meetup times, they had Herbert listed as meetable on October 5, 10th, 15th, and 20th. However, later the Club Penguin Team updated their meetup times schedule and removed him without saying anything as to why.

Aside from removing Herbert’s times the schedule of mascot meetups has remained unchanged. Here’s the updated schedule to reflect these changes:


Although Club Penguin had removed the meetup times a few days in advance, penguins did sign on to the server Fog on Monday and questioned where he was.

Although Club Penguin has said nothing specifically relating to this, they did post two Herbert related tweets.

So, if you were hoping to meet Herbert, you’re out of luck. Who knows though, maybe you’ll get a chance to meet him sometime soon…if Club Penguin doesn’t pull his future meetup times again. :P

13 thoughts on “In Case You Haven’t Heard Yet, Club Penguin Removed Herbert’s Meetup Times

  1. I bet Herbert’s checklist on says “Secret meeting with Bot”, Instead of Dot, or Tusk. That’ll make sense

  2. Don’t forget Herbert asked Gary a question in the newspaper again like he did in 2012, can’t believe Gary fell for it again xD. Something bad is going to happen in the halloween party involving robots :)

  3. Did you see the newspaper? A penguin called “Notta Bare” (Not a Bear) asked Gary about how to make robots. Obviously is Herbert using one of yours nicknames.

  4. I E-mailed CP about this and here is what they said:

    That mischievous polar bear! He actually wasn’t supposed to visit for the 10th Anniversary Party at all, since he’d probably just take over the island again. But he managed to sneak his name on the scheduled visits list for a bit before some attentive EPF Agents found out! But I am sure we’ll see him sneak up somewhere, one day.

    I am actually quite disappointed…
    Let’s hope Herbert has some… plans in the near future…

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