On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 21

On the 21st of September Club Penguin has updated in 2005 and 2007. September 21 is a very important day on Club Penguin, as it’s the day Club Penguin held their first ever party, the Beta Party. In 2007 the first ever Fall Fair began and the Ballistic Biscuit game had a big change.

The Beta test Party was only a few hours long. The real reason of this party was to see how much stress the game’s server could handle without crashing. During the beta test period, which began in August 2005 and ended two months later on October 24th, all players had free membership. Back then there weren’t many features compared to now, and as you can see, things in the game were very basic and simple. At the Beta Party all four of Club Penguin’s moderators (Billybob/Lane, Rsnail/Lance, Happy77/Holly, and Screenhog/Chris) were at the party. Gizmo/Nathan was hired later in 2005 to handle customer support. Club Penguin hit over 160 users online at a single time and over 60 kids were in the Town at once. (fun fact, there is a limit of 80 penguins in a room) The server managed to hold the load, an impressive feat at the time.

Little known fact, the Beta Hat was given the colours of yellow and purple/pink so it could be obnoxiously coloured without hurting the eyes so not many people would desire the item if they missed the party or beta testing period altogether. Unfortunately that didn’t turn out in the way Club Penguin had hoped, as some people are obsessed with the item.


Let’s fast forward two years to 2007. On this day the first ever Fall Fair party began and Ballistic Biscuit, the game at the Dock, was renamed to Hydro Hopper. At the Fair you could play a variety of carnival games to earn tickets for prizes.



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