Beta Test Party 2005

This was Club Penguin’s first party. It wasn’t super long, it was actually on a Wednesday for a few hours! The free item was the Beta Hat, and was located at the Town. This party was to celebrate the testing of the game. It happened in September 2005.

46 thoughts on “Beta Test Party 2005

  1. Wow!! I actually remember meeting some of these people. I met: Pinkilicious, little wolf, Jedi, puppyluver4, kimberly11, fazdaman,Mace, helen 2k5, fake happy77, gertalbub, stefy73, starbucks, aqua link, fano, phat fano, andy kohl, coco, clone, big red. You were mistaken by some of them because they put an uppercase i instead of lowercase l. phat fano was actually my friend.

  2. no caps were optional back then when u joined. now only the first letter appears in uppercase letters. even if its not

  3. aww… i hate clubpenguin now. i used to love it when i was like, 5 in 2005… now it sucks. and my penguin got banned forever… gawd darn hackers.

  4. Hi, Umm I Should Be On That List Of Penguins. I Was At The Beta Test Party In 2005. Please Add Me To That List My Penguin Name Is Clippy59014. Thanks!!

  5. Wow!I met zonnie and Pedro today but Pedro wasn’t wearing the beta hat! If I had I’d just parade around with it xD.But what would happen to “pu “?Would he gave to change his name since you need atleast four letters now?

      • Just thought I’d share the answer here-
        About 2 or 3 years ago Club Penguin changed the name of beta testers with names less than 4 letters to “P” and the Penguin ID number.

        For example, there was a beta tester named “ALI” whose ID number was 1503, so he is now “P1503”

  6. I’m actually a legitimate beta tester. I joined in 2005 and my account name was ian. In one of the beta test party’s pictures, you actually see me there. My account was deactivated. And the reason is, that i got bored with club penguin. this year, I still enjoy playing it.

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