On This Day In Club Penguin History – September 17

By / September 17, 2015

On the 17th of September four updates happened, all of them taking place in 2010. A new furniture catalogue was released for the month, Fairy Fables was now at the Stage again, the postcard catalogue was updated, and Rockhopper’s ship was almost gone in the telescope, as he had recently visited the island.

The new furniture catalogue featured new back to school related items, as many penguins go to school in or around the month of September.

Club Penguin September 2010 Furniture Catalog

The Fairy Fables showing in September 2010 was its fourth one. There was nothing new about the play. Related, the postcard catalogue was updated to add the Fairy Fables postcard as well as a few others. Finally, Rockhopper’s ship was now almost gone in the telescope at the Lighthouse Beacon.


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Interesting post. I think the “There was nothing new about the stage” sentence doesn’t fit though.



Sorry I meant stage play or just play. Is that better?