This room was released the same day as the Lighthouse. Two or three months after opening, Jet Pack Adventure was added to this room. You can also view the ocean and see when Rockhopper is coming by looking in the Telescope. In August 2011 it was given a slightly updated look.

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  1. Time for some history and some pictures for the beacon, this is also along comment:

    The Beacon is the top of the Lighthouse. Players can look through a Telescope and if the famous penguin Rockhopper and his puffle Yarr is coming to Club Penguin, his ship can be seen through the telescope. Jet Pack Adventure can be played here.
    Whenever the pirate penguin, Rockhopper decides to travel to Club Penguin, he uses the bright light of the Beacon to help find his way.

    As revealed in Club Penguin Times issue #226, the Beacon Light is solar powered and it is of 2500 watts. You can turn the Beacon’s light on and off by clicking the switch.

    The Beacon opened on September 22, 2006, the same time as the Lighthouse(Club Penguin thought it would go GREAT on the Island). Before it opened, there was a scavenger hunt to find a light for the Beacon. In October 2006, Rockhopper found his way and made his first appearance in Club Penguin, thanks to the Beacon. Then in November 2006, Jet Pack Adventure was released

    During the 2007 Summer Kickoff Party, the Beacon and the whole Lighthouse was transformed into a giant palm tree.
    During the 2007 Christmas Party, the Beacon and Lighthouse was turned into a giant Christmas tree.
    During the 2008 April Fool’s Day Party, the Beacon and the whole entire Lighthouse turned into paper, and the telescope was turned into a kaleidoscope.
    During the Fall Fair 2008, there was a helter-skelter here, leading to the Beach.
    During the Puffle Party 2009, it was the Green Puffle’s room where Green Puffles jumped around inside the bulb casing.
    It had a giant propeller to hold the island in the sky during the Festival of Flight 2009.
    The beacon was decorated with orange wallpaper and other stuff at Fall Fair 2009, it was also featured in a player card Background.
    During the Halloween Party 2009, the Beacon was decorated with a giant Pumpkin Head instead of the light.
    During Holiday Party 2009, the Beacon light was a big red Christmas light.
    During Holiday Party 2010, the Beacon and Lighthouse was filled with coin’s.
    During the Puffle Party 2012, the Beacon Is Transformed Into A Green Puffle Celebration.
    During the Halloween Party 2012, the Beacon lamp was replaced by a giant smiling Jack O’ Lantern. The Beacon balcony was replaced by all yellow tree branches with no leaves. The Beacon balcony railing was replaced by logs. The roof on top of the Beacon lamp was replaced by old metal shingles. The staircase which takes you down to the Lighthouse were replaced by all wood including the railing. The sky was darkened by night and dark clouds would strike with lightning every ten seconds
    During Operation: Blackout, the Beacon didn’t have any clouds in the sky for the first time. The room was very dark, like the other rooms due to the blackout.
    During the 2012 Marvel Super Hero Takeover, the Puffle Party music could be heard. Penguins reported this bug CP and the never fixed it.

    Thankful to help you Trainman!

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