Club Penguin Monster Beach Party Premiering in the US On September 6th at 9 AM

Megg will be posting about it tomorrow on the Club Penguin Blog, but for those of you in the US, mark your calendars! The next Club Penguin special, titled Monster Beach Party, will be premiering on the morning of Sunday, September 6th. There will also be an afternoon rerun on Wednesday, September 9th.

The time may vary slightly depending on your time zone in the US, however for EST, it’ll be airing on Disney Channel at the following times:

  • Sunday, September 6th at 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday, September 9th at 2:00 PM

I recommend checking your TV guide to verify the time it’s airing for you.

As a refresher from View Post, this new special features Jangrah from Merry Walrus, who has planned the perfect Beach Party. A giant shark from the iceberg, aka the megalodon, ends up being released on accident though.

I will be recording it and posting some screenshots however I will not be posting the full special as that is illegal to do. It is unknown if the special will be available for purchase or streamed on Disney’s website.

Thanks Riyita!

UPDATE: Here is Megg’s post on the Club Penguin Blog:

Hi Penguins!

Those of you in the UK may have already seen our new summer special, Club Penguin Monster Beach Party, and the rest of us have probably heard about it!

WELL, the time’s come for penguins in the US to have a chance to watch it on Disney Channel!! Here are the times:

* Sunday, September 6th at 9:00 AM EST and PST
* Wednesday, September 9th at 2:00 PM EST and PST

AND if you’re wondering… Here’s what the summer special is about:

It’s summer time on Club Penguin Island and resident party planner Jangrah has prepared the perfect Surf n’ Sno-cone BeachParty for all her penguin friends. However, while harvesting ice from a nearby iceberg for the sno-cones, a 65 million year old Megalodon shark is accidentally released—causing prehistoric pandemonium! It’s up to Jangrah to flip the script, put aside her perfect plans, stop the rampaging monster, and save Club Penguin Island!

If you’ve already seen the special, let us know what you thought in the comments below! Try not to spoil it TOO much for those who haven’t seen it yet! ;)

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

17 thoughts on “Club Penguin Monster Beach Party Premiering in the US On September 6th at 9 AM

  1. thank you for reminding me! I saw it on the TV guide today (had nothing better to do than to just see wat was coming on Disney in the coming days) and I had forgotten so thank you for reminding :)

  2. for those of us that get both Disney channel East (on the coastline of New York, Florida, etc.) and Disney channel West (on the coastline of California, Washington, etc.) there are 2 extra showings for 12PM on Sunday and 4 or 5PM on Wednesday :) (I’m saying this because idk if anyone else has those extra channels so I’m making sure the ppl with those extra channels know about these times also :) )

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