New Club Penguin Special “Penguin Monster Beach Party” Supposedly Airing (UPDATE: It Aired)

A new half hour Club Penguin special, titled Penguin Monster Beach Party, is supposedly airing Saturday the 15th in the United Kingdom. Which is weird.

It’s listed all over television guides:

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.42.38 AM

It lists the following air times for Saturday the 15th:

  • 7:00 AM on Disney XD
  • 8:55 AM on Disney Junior

And the following air times for Sunday the 16th:

  • 4:30 PM on Disney XD
  • 5:35 PM on Disney Junior

But…..why would Club Penguin say NOTHING about this, if it is indeed airing? That makes ZERO sense. It’s like they want nobody to watch it, if it is indeed real and airs.

The special, titled, Penguin Monster Beach Party features Jangrah from Merry Walrus, who has planned the perfect Beach Party. A giant shark from the iceberg, aka the megalodon, ends up being released on accident though.

Since I’m skeptical I looked at the production company’s website and it says they have a special in production.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.43.00 AM

So yeah, this makes zero sense whatsoever. UK peeps, if it does air on TV, let me know! (and if so, shame on Club Penguin for not saying anything about it?)


Okay bye.

PS: I don’t feel like writing professionally right now as you can probably see. My blog, my rules. :P


Thanks Dj Stores/Club Penguin Reveals!

UPDATE: It did indeed air. I can’t believe Club Penguin said nothing…

35 thoughts on “New Club Penguin Special “Penguin Monster Beach Party” Supposedly Airing (UPDATE: It Aired)

  1. OMG I’m hyped already! I wonder if it’ll still be in stop-motion, or in the style of the animated shorts?

  2. Yep it indeed aired on UK. CP Team didn’t said nothing, but Disney did advertising for the special all over Disney Channel, XD and Junior at UK. For some reason, only Club Penguin Team refuses to speak something about it. Yet when the special aired recently, Disney XD audience at UK growth 78% (Disney Junior only growth 31% because, JR. shows)

  3. Huh. Weird. Were they afraid of feedback? Overall, the community liked We wish you a Merry Walrus. I don’t understand either.

  4. :O omg on the blog if a post was made by someone NOT on the team anymore (like Billybob, Happy77, Daffodaily5) they have taken their names OFF their posts now instead of “by Happy77” its now “by on” this pretty much proves anyone of the past they get rid of completely

  5. Club Penguin, I can’t believe it. Why are you SO BAD in game development now-a-days? Sometimes you make awesome updates which everyone loves! But one week later – you change something and it’s BAD AS HECK! And now you even don’t tell us about something that BIG like second Club Penguin’s animation? Christmas one was good and we liked it mostly so WHY? JUST WHY? With every week I have less words to descripe what is going with Club Penguin these days…

  6. I think ik why they didn’t tell us. it might be because the English blog is for England, America AND Australia so they might not wanted to have dozens of ppl from USA and Aussie go all like “why isn’t here!” “when is it coming to my country” “wat time is it showing on” “wat channel is it” :”is it coming to America?” “will it come to Australia?” sense they are just test running this to see if it flies or falls

    OR they could just be giving the UK ANOTHER benefit for being English (even though they have like all the CP merchandise and pretty good timing for any day of the week even during school time)

  7. question for ppl- is it just me or does Saraapril have EXTREME mood swings I mean one minuet she is all like “oh I just LOVE CP and it is just so much fun! :)” and the next she is all like “I HATE CP THEY ARE STUPID AND DISNEY NEEDS TO STOP RUINING IT! AAAAAH! (throws chair and breathes fire)” is it weird or is it just me?

  8. I hope Monster Beach party airs in other countries. I did contact CP about it though but I haven’t heard back. Also it is possible they didn’t talk about since right now it is only in the UK and there is no more UK team so no one could talk about it.

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