Club Penguin Halloween Panic TV Special Coming This October

Surprise! We only just found out that a summer Club Penguin special was airing on TV, and now we know there’s a Halloween special coming, too. At least we actually know in advance this time rather than a day before!

Although there are no known details about the Halloween special aside from the title of the program, it is at least confirmed to be real. Looking at the LinkedIn page of an employee at Factory Create, they make mention of its title in what they are currently working on.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.21.56 PM

It says that the specials will air outside the UK, both in the US and other regions around the world, however I don’t know if that will hold up to be true or not. Hopefully they do, as I want to see them. I also hope that Club Penguin actually makes mention of it this time.

Thanks Green N Cool!

12 thoughts on “Club Penguin Halloween Panic TV Special Coming This October

  1. BIG NEWS! CP has officially taken away ALL of the stamps when I logged on today my penguin was glitched (everything was taken off) and then I noticed my stamp book said 0/0 stamps earned so I looked at it and boom no stamps just pins and now after I have looked at least 4-5 other penguins stamp books their books only have pins also and thiers says 0/0 also :O I can’t believe CP actually took them away! :O

  2. Hopefully this one will air in other countries. I still think Monster Beach party will. I did contact CP about Monster Beach party though but I haven’t heard back.

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