On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 24

On the 24th of July Club Penguin has had updates in 2009 and 2014. In 2009 a poll began for what the new in-game penguin colour should be. Three new postcards, one for each of the three possible colours, were added. In 2014 a new pin was released and more items were available at the Music Jam.

For the 2009 colour voting in July 2009, the three possible choices were lavender, aqua, and maroon. Three new postcards, one for each of the colours, were added to the postcards catalogue so players could promote their favourite colour choice.

Club Penguin New Colour Voting 2009

At the Forest there was a voting booth were you could place your note. Voting as open for four days, ending on the 28th. Aqua was the colour that won.

That’s all for 2009. In 2014 there was two updates. The first update was a new pin, the Cruise Ship Pin. This pin was hidden at the Cove. It’s Club Penguin’s 283rd pin overall and the tenth pin to be hidden in that room. The other update was more items now being available at the Music Jam. All players could collect the Girl Next Door Guitar and members could collect the Here Comes Treble Outfit.


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  1. I remember the voting for a new penguin color. I chose aqua, and aqua basically won because Mimo777 said he would wear that color if the color won.

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