New Color Voting 2009

In late July to early August 2009 penguins had a choice to vote for a new color. The choices were Aqua, Lavender, and and Maroon. The winning color was Aqua.

7 thoughts on “New Color Voting 2009

  1. Honestly, lavender should have won this. I remember going around the island having epic battles against aqua and maroon. So much fun! Why don’t I think aqua should have won? It looks quite similar to the light blue color. And I guess maroon wouldn’t be too bad, but still… Lavender. We need more purple on this island!

  2. I think lavender should have won. In the first colour competion it was lime green vs lavender and lime green won. In the 2nd colour competion lavender lost again. So not fair on lavender. 2 loses in a row. :-( I hope club penguin has another competion and give lavender another chance

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