On This Day In Club Penguin History – July 21

On the 21st of July there’s been updates in 2006 and 2014. In 2006 a new pin was hidden and the Penguin Band Instrument Scavenger Hunt began. In 2014 you could now collect Cole Plante’s giveaway background at the Music Jam.

On this day in 2006 Club Penguin released their 10th pin, the Astro-Barrier Ship Pin. It could be found at the Snow Forts. This was the first pin to be hidden in that room.

The other update in 2006 was the Penguin Band Instrument Hunt. After performing at the Western Party the Penguin Band lost their instruments. You had to find them in the style of a scavenger hunt! As a reward for finding all of the instruments, you would receive the Penguin Band Background, an item that has never been re-released. Here’s a video of the scavenger hunt:

That’s all for 2006. In 2014 there was only one update. Cole Plante was now performing at the Music Jam so you could now collect his free giveaway background.


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