Club Penguin Rainbow Puffle Party 2015 Is Here

While the Fair is happening on the computer, a Rainbow Puffle Party is taking place on mobile!

When you first sign on PH will appear and talk to you.


G’day! Rainbow puffles are here! EVERYONE can adopt them until June 3. Launch yourself to the Cloud Forest to find them.

Table of Contents:

Party and Free Items

There are five items exclusive to this party, one available each day. Three of the items (all head items) are for all players, and two of the items (body items) are for members.


Here’s the party rooms. There are cannons all over that launch you up to the sky.











My Brief Thoughts

The party is basic, but the few decorated rooms there are are quite cool, since they’re floating in the sky. It reminds me of the Festival of Flight.

23 thoughts on “Club Penguin Rainbow Puffle Party 2015 Is Here

  1. Shouldn’t it be “There are cannons all over the island which launch you to the sky.” or something like that? “There are cannons all over the launch you to the sky.” just makes no sense.

  2. Hey I noticed when the countdown timer for the Penguin Band goes down, it flashes through all the languages on CP.

  3. If it was on the computer this party would be pretty lame, but for a mobile event I think it works fine. I really love how everything’s in the sky now, even if that kinda messes with perspective a bit (you’d think that since we’re on a cloud we could just walk into the Cloud Forest- it could be in place of the actual forest!

    Although I must ask, what happened to that storm cloud quest thing? I can’t find it anywhere. Does it come later or is CP just not doing it? Does anyone know?

  4. I thought you mentioned something about rainbow rooms like Rainbow River and Rainbow Falls, (I think that’s what they’re called.)

  5. How many puffles can a non-member have? Because I have 10 and can’t adopt a rainbow one in the app

  6. Bug report: I tried to get the baseball from the prizes, but when I try to buy it, it doesn’t do anything. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem.

  7. Hi there!I have been trying to log in club penguin for about a week or two,yet I always get the having truble connecting message.On the app I am stuck in a forever loading screen.Any tips?

  8. Hey this is Firepup16. I don’t know if it’s a bug, but I updated the app and only the new rooms appear. PH of the items don’t.

  9. How do I get the rainbow prizes I keep looking on the web and cant find out and on app I clicked everything!

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