March 19, 2015 Director EPF Message

Elite Penguin Force agents, check your spy phone! There is a new message waiting to be read. It’s from the Director.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 2.24.17 PM

The message reads:

Agents. PH needs help. The EPF must solve the Great Puffle Mystery!

What puffle mystery?

9 thoughts on “March 19, 2015 Director EPF Message

  1. The puffle mystery at the Puffle Party where the puffles and cake get stolen ( by Sasquatch the new mascot and island yeti ( and players must then go to The Wilds (as seen in Puffle Wild) and find the puffles. Sasquatch turns out to be a good creature (he isn’t bad like Herbert). New levels and puffles on Puffle Wild will also be unlocked.


  2. Trainman1405, sasquatch is rumored to return in person,would you say he stole the cake that PH prepared for the puffle party but the cake got stolen.Herbert and sasquatch are number #1 suspects,the other possibly could be puffles.

  3. The mystery is why CP is overdoing it with puffles. I was hoping for an interactive one, like our puffles run off to the wilds and we have to look for them

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