Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Party Information

The Star Wars Rebels Takeover begins in two weeks on the 22nd of January. In the meantime thanks to Pen50gi I now have lots of information to share with you guys and gals! If you haven’t already seen my previous post, I do have information about this party there too. Unfortunately it seems tasks are going to be the same old: throw snowballs to complete a task or search around to find obviously hidden objects. Anyway, here’s all the new text strings from the party. When you login Kanan will greet you.

  • Hey. I’m Kanan. Our crew is going to stop the Empire. Do you think you have what it takes to join us?
  • Hi there, ace. The name’s Sabine. Wanna help me redecorate? Throw a snowball to paint over these Imperial posters.
  • Thanks for sticking your neck out. Finish two more missions and I’ll let you in on our next plan.
  • Hi. My name is Hera. You’re very brave to fight the Empire. Before we can fly, Chopper’s going to need droid batteries. Can you collect them for us?
  • Karabast! Kanan was captured right after he spoke to you. We need to rescue him! We’ll distract the prison ship while you sneak on.
  • Ha. You’ve come to face your doom. Kanan has not prepared you for my powers. Try not to lose too quickly—I’d prefer a real challenge.
  • What?! You’re more powerful than I believed possible. But I’ve learned your style now. Don’t expect to win again…
  • Wow. I guess we’ll call that your final test. You really proved yourself. Now let’s get out of here before the Inquisitor comes down in person.
  • Well done. You impressed the whole crew. And that isn’t easy. I’ll contact you with a special mission soon.
  • Zeb here. Thinking of joining us, huh? Then get rid of the defense towers. A few well-placed snowballs will do it!
  • I’m Ezra. Listen, if you want to impress the crew, find these fruit crates that the Empire stole.

Members can do the following with lightsabers:

  • Members can collect their own lightsabers. If they duel other Force users, they’ll earn even more lightsabers. They will need one if they are going to face the Inquisitor!
  • Before you swing that lightsaber, you should know how to duel. It works like rock, paper, scissors—every attack has a counterattack.
  • Complete all missions to unlock a lightsaber

The tasks at the party will be as follows:

  • Throw snowballs at 8 Imperial posters
  • Find 10 crates of meiloorun fruit
  • Destroy 5 defense towers with snowballs
  • Collect 10 droid batteries

Eh, doesn’t sound too exciting, especially because I’m not a Star Wars fan. Quest variety please, Club Penguin! Hopefully the quests don’t take 30 seconds to complete….time will tell.

Thanks again Pen50gi!

48 thoughts on “Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover 2015 Party Information

  1. Rock, paper, scissors, duel to get lightsabers. This is pretty much the same thing as the Pirate Party. Club Penguin needs to cut out the original quests and get new ideas. If they can’t think of new ideas, they need to listen to the members of the Club Penguin Community. Usually they are ignorant. The dialogue also sounds corny.

  2. I am not looking forward to this whatsoever. Btw, I am under a winter storm warning for 6-10 inches of snow by midnight and another 3-6 the rest of the night! And then another 4-8 tomorrow from lake effect. No school :D

  3. I wish they would bring back something similar to the games in the first Star Wars party. Those actually took me a decent amount of time. I know they can’t easily bring that to mobile, but they should only make a limited part of the party available and make something more entertaining for the computer.

    • Agreed, they should bring back games that take a decent amount of time to complete.

      Flying the ship to destroy the Death Star in the last mission was incredibly hard! I hope they do something similar!

      • Ikr! The hardest minigame I’ve ever played was the Scare Challenge during the Monsters University Takeover, yet it was my favorite minigame. Now that I’ve noticed, it’s been a while since CP made a new party minigame. It seems they’re doing interactions for penguins like Pirate Duelling at the Pirate Party 2014 (which that’s good too), but for certain parties like this one, they should make a new minigame or at least, return a past minigame. The last party to have party minigames was The Fair 2014.

  4. Remember when Club Penguin had good NON-SPONSORSHIP PARTIES? Remember when Club Penguin actually had parties that made sense at a relevant time? Club Penguin says, “Oh, by the way in a couple weeks Star Wars is invading Club Penguin for no reason and you need to help.” For these new players out there – there was a time where actually EVERY PARTY was an ORIGINAL CLUB PENGUIN IDEA not some stupid piece of crap from Disney. Of course, Disney joined Club Penguin on August 1, 2007. It really wasn’t bad at all at first because Lance (Billybob) was the main guy in charge. BUT WHAT DISNEY DOES IS SLOWLY DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT ONCE WAS GOOD. Also, if you think about it — Disney was probably planning this for years slowly. CPIP redesigned everything, PSA destroyed, redesigns of rooms over time then all at once, and takeover parties, which started with the Marvel Takeover in June 2012. And also getting rid of formally annual stuff such as the Easter Egg Hunt, St. Patrick’s Day Party, and the April Fool’s Day Party. What’s next? Halloween? Probably, because thats how Disney is. I’m surprised they didn’t cancel the Halloween Party for a Big Hero 6 party or something. And now we can’t even have Christmas trees during our Holiday/Christmas parties because Club Penguin makes a stupid idea called “Merry Walrus”. WHAT THE HECK. And Trainman, thats what I think of Club Penguin, or CLUB DISNEY.

    • If you hate it then quit. I hate how 99% of CP players are haters. If you hate CP go watch PewDiePie or Anaconda or fly on a plane or something.

      • People hate it because they aren’t putting in the effort to make a good party. They can easily make a good party but they are not. Also this party isn’t aimed at all fan bases of Club Penguin, whereas the other parties are, that is what makes takeovers so bad. If 99% of player dislike it then don’t you think they need to improve? A multi-millionaire company like Disney need to know what the users like and using the same game play elements over and over again is just plain boring.

    • Hello Saraapril! Wait, you aren’t Saraapril? Sorry. Although I do agree that the parties are becoming lazier and lazier, up to this party just being a reskin of the Pirate Party 2014 IMO, I think that things like the Merry Walrus Party are good. It’s experimenting with new things and going outside of what they’re used to. I didn’t like it at first, but now I realise that it was for the better that they freshened things up a bit and kept things from becoming too stale. I mean, I never liked the 2013 Holiday Party because it was basically the same thing as past parties but with trains… and even the trains were reskins of the bikes from the Teen Beach Movie takeover! Well, anyway, I better be off before the haters come and trash my opinion with ridiculous arguments that repeat what the last person said but in different words.

  5. Not even one outfit for girls unless they want to look like a boy
    And more fighting.
    My gramma is starting to try to get us to buy memberships on other sites.

    • I’m pretty sure that there is a Hera and Sabrine costume in the party. Speaking of which I actually kinda liked the pirate party, It wasn’t as bad as the music jam, So this party shouldn’t be too hard as well

    • Actually, They are outfits for girls. Like the Senator, Hera, or Sabine. ( Hera and Sabine will appear in the actual Party, The Senator is a costume at the Clothes Shop. Ham On!

      • The senator is a girl?
        Oh well, I have an outer space outfit from the future party that is for a girl and a nice helmet with purple hair. I guess I’ll wear that.

        I can usually find something to like about every party.

  6. This sounds so Awesome!! (Ya, you heard me. I said that. XD.) Oh, And by the way, Megg announced that Darth Herbert will not be appearing. It will be The Inquisitor or someone else. Ham On!

  7. I don’t know anything about Star Wars rebels..did players really ask for this or is Club Penguin just doing it because they thought “Hey we did this once, let’s just do it again for no reason at all!”

  8. Mostly everyone on this comment section is not looking forward to this party. This is clear evidence that CP needs to step their game up.

  9. This party is pretty Star Wars Takeover 2 but the first Star Wars Party was way better especially with quests. Can’t we do some more shooting TIE Fighter shooting and that kind of stuff? Geez Club Penguin.

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