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In a post that I wrote in December I mentioned that it was rumoured that February’s party will be music related, and today’s You Decide post has confirmed it! We get to pick a head item for the music themed party. Here’s everything Megg wrote. She didn’t specify that the party will be in February, but signs seem to point towards yes unless it’s postponed an extra month or two…

Hi Penguins,

We would like your help deciding on some music related items coming later this year.

Below, I have some variations of a new hairstyle that will be available for everyone. This is also where you, the community, come in – help us decide on a color!


Comment below with which color you would like to see in an upcoming catalog (Green, Purple, Red, or Blue)

OH! And if you have a suggestion for a musical item you’d like to see– we’d love to hear about it! Let us know along with your vote :)

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

It’s a really hard pick! Go let Megg know on the blog which one you like the most. And for those of you who are calling it a Skrillex wig, this one’s for you!


29 thoughts on “Club Penguin Blog: You Decide – Musical Item

  1. I love how they’re asking for our input, BUT don’t you think that all of them should be released, not just one? This way, everyone can pick their favourite colour and wear it themselves, they shouldn’t have to fight to get their favourite coloured design on the island.. it should just be there! :)

    Waddle On!

  2. So that hair is actually techno style ( Techno is a type of music ) so a possible music jam maybe? Hopefully it won’t be just watching people sing songs and collecting items for free every other day, also I’d vote for blue if I could but Everytime I try to comment on the blog I always get the “your comment is awaiting administration” screen all the time and it never gets posted, I’m glad that it works here though, anyways Here is a list of what I’m both hoping for and exited for in 2015!

    Exited for:
    Star Wars rebels takeover
    Upcoming Music party
    CPnext! ( I can’t bele you guys haven’t mentioned it XD )

    Hoping for:
    Marvel super hero takeover 2015 ( cuz of the new Avengers movie coming soon )
    Fall Fair ( in September )
    Return of holiday party
    Halloween party 2015
    An EPF operation ( in November )
    Card jitsu Shadow party
    Puffle party 2015 ( a normal puffle this time! )
    Medieval party 2015 ( with a knights quest )
    Another expedition party
    April fools party
    A summer party

    Boy that’s a lot of em! XD

  3. Seems like an appropiate wig for girls rather than boys. Anyways, I’ll go for Green.

    Also, I highly hope it’s not ANOTHER Music Jam in February. I want the Hollywood Party to return next month while the Music Jam to return this Summer (June or July) with a combo party of Summer Parties and Fairs as well. Also, I am afraid the Music Jam will come back as another Teen Beach Movie: Summer Jam since there will be a sequel to the Teen Beach Movie so please, if you’re reading CP…DON’T BRING BACK ANOTHER TEEN BEACH MOVIE TAKEOVER AND MAKE IT A NORMAL MUSIC JAM INSTEAD CP. THIS IS CP’S 10TH YEAR. MAKE IT SPECIAL, UNFORGETTABLE (In the sense it was enjoyable and not horrible) AND MOST OF ALL, MAKE IT OUTSTANDING, COMPARED TO THE PAST YEARS.

  4. All the colors, if i had to choose one it would be…purple or red or blue. OK PURPLE! AND RED AND BLUE!
    UGH I can’t decide.

  5. In other words Mr. Trainman.

    I’ve heard several rumors of CP planning a Jessie Takeover and an Austin and Ally Takeover in honor of the TV Shows releasing a new season sometime soon in the year and that CP even worked on the logos in the files. I heard CP eventually decided to remove the files.

    How did I found out about this? I was editing on the CP Wiki until a user was editing and creating those pages. I even recall an alternate logo of the CP Star Wars Rebels Takeover (which in fact, it looks more professional and better than the current; real and legit in other words) and if I remember correctly, a JESSIE Takeover logo. Perhaps it has to do with those?

    Anyways, once again, I am not 100% certain whether it’s partly true or not. However, I HIGHLY doubt it’s false because I don’t want CP to screw up their 10th year. I also feel there will be another Music Jam with Teen Beach Movie influence of it since there will be a sequel of the movie releasing sometime this year (just as I mentioned in my previous comment).

    The only takeover/sponsored party I want to see this year is another Marvel Super Hero Takeover in honor of the Avengers 2 film release.

        • I have seen tons of unreasonable pages being created, I even saw a Spingebob takeover ounce, But anyways that should be 100% false scince it was probably a fake page, I agree on the another Marvel super hero takeover, And another thing CP needs to do is:

          Add the Ski hill + Ski village into the app so they can be decorated
          And if they don’t do that then just do what they did with the Halloween party and decorate all of the island

          Although scince Megg commented on one of your posts stating that she knows we all loved ( Hated ) the music jam, that might mean that CP will make it like the 2011 one, with backstages, acces to the dance club roof etc.

          Also, who in the name of bad parties would want a Jessie/Austin and Alley takeover!?

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