Rumour Be Gone: Club Penguin Not Having a Fair In February 2015

Lately a rumour has been going around that Club Penguin will be having a Fair in February 2015, which will be after their Star Wars Rebels Takeover in January 2015. As it turns out, Club Penguin is not having a Fair in February.

It all began when supposedly Polo Field posted on YouTube that February’s party was going to be the Fair:


According to Phineas99 the comment was later deleted. (at least a week after publishing it judging the comment timestamps in the image above) Phineas99 also said a moderator confirmed it during an online meetup. Here is what Phineas commented on Club Penguin Memories:

Polo Field confirmed it in a Youtube comment from a CP Video. However, he eventually deleted the comment. [1]

Also, another mod confirmed it during an online meetup [2]


Unfortunately it appears both images have been deleted so again I cannot confirm that Club Penguin ever said February’s party will be a Fair. I can, however, confirm that Polo Field said that the party in February 2015 will not be a Fair. He posted this tweet earlier:

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 11.57.19 PM

“February 2015 party hint: it’s not The Fair”

-Polo Field on Twitter

What February 2015’s party is is currently unknown. According to some it will be a music related party, perhaps another Music Jam. If so, I sure hope it’s a lot better than the one we had this year!

Thanks Spikey2007, Phineas99, and Roxopenguim.

33 thoughts on “Rumour Be Gone: Club Penguin Not Having a Fair In February 2015

  1. I swear that if it’s another Shake it up/Takeover Disney actor type of party CP will have lost my eternal trust on being Original. Fine they can be owned by Disney but originality was never taken away, but now it does seem to be. The Fair, hopefully November, if not I have to say the Fair was my favorite party. :(

  2. Hello, my name is Watatsuki/Towerofyikk, and I am a patroller on the Club Penguin Wiki, and as such I can view those deleted images.

    The first one is the same as the screenshot from Youtube at the top of this post, and the second is this image (reuploaded to imgur): which definitely correlates to “a moderator confirmed it during an online meetup”

    I can also confirm for myself that the comment from Polo on Youtube was deleted.

  3. You should give credit to the Club Penguin Wiki for the images.

    Note: The second image in the post was made by me, personally.

  4. Anytime Trainman.

    Back to the topic, I highly hope it’s not a Music Jam in February since it’s TOO early. I’d rather celebrate it in the summer. The Fair is a perfect time for it to be in February since many countries host fairs and carnivals simultaneously.

    What I’d really love to occur in February 2015 would be another Wilderness Expedition to return, this time involving Puffle Wild and the ability to adopt Black Raccoon Puffles and a Hollywood Party with 6 movies to act in. Also, a Hollwood Party where a Grey Puffle is spotted, whose personality would be gentleman and romantic. When the Puffle Party returns in 2015, the Grey Puffle is adopted permanently.

  5. translate
    hola trainman yo creo que no sera un music jam, mas bien algo diferente pero tal vez con la pb o cadence como un concurso o completar tareas y ser famoso por cierto vi unos video y dicen disney no arruina club penguin club penguin se arruina sólito porque por el presupuesto y debido a que cp debe miles de dolares por el uso de contenido de disney pero porque los hacen espero una idea tuya

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