On This Day In Club Penguin History – December 11

So far there have only been updates on the 11th of December in 2009. In 2009 there was a mixture of major and minor updates. The minor updates are Holiday Party room construction, the postcard catalogue being updated, and Rockhopper arriving. Rockhopper’s rare items catalogue for the visit featured the following clothing items:

  1. Coins For Change Background (free)
  2. Tricorn Hat (350 coins)
  3. Silver Bell (75 coins)

It also featured the following furniture items:

  1. Coins For Change Banner (500 coins)
  2. Coins For Change Donation Station (75 coins)

Rockhopper had arrived at Club Penguin for Coins For Change 2009, the third one. Penguins could donate coins like usual to help change the world. In 2009 players could donate coins to help kids who are poor, kids who are sick, and the environment. From December 11th through December 21st penguins could donate coins. By the end of Coins For Change 2009 2.9 million players had donated a total of 4 billion coins.


There was also a new furniture catalogue and igloo catalogue. The furniture catalogue featured new items such as the Mystery Present, which revealed what was inside (a chair) on Christmas Day. The December 2009 igloo catalogue featured the new Snowy Backyard Igloo.

As for the postcards, one of the new postcards was one you could send to your friends, and when they opened it they would receive the free Candy Cane Hat clothing item. The others were holiday themed and Coins For Change themed.


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