Sneak Peeks of Puffle Wild Rooms and New Raccoon, Bunny, Reindeer, and Unicorn Puffles

Puffle Wild is coming, possibly November the 6th. More sneak peeks have been uncovered of both the Puffles and rooms. By the looks of it there will be some sort of quest. First the rooms. The Beach and the Dock have a giant rainbow glow emitting from the mountain area.



That’s all the sneak peeks I’ve got of the rooms for now. On to Puffles, there are going to be many Reindeer, Bunny, Raccoon, and Unicorn Puffles. Here they are. Based on what I’ve heard penguins say these past few days, Club Penguin is really overdoing it with Puffles. Keep in mind later this month we’ve got Ghost Puffles coming, too!


You can read more about the upcoming Puffle Wild app here and here.

Thanks to Bosschubby for the Puffle images and Pen50gi for the room images.

34 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks of Puffle Wild Rooms and New Raccoon, Bunny, Reindeer, and Unicorn Puffles

  1. Did you see how people already hacked the un-released puffles Train! It’s very sad to see Club Penguin is sleeping aside all this mischief!

  2. At first, CP barely put in Puffles. Then people were surprised to get 2 puffles in one year. Now they’re just unloading them… because… you know… they can make merch off of it.

    or maybe im just too nitpicky

  3. If I get a Raccoon Puffle (I hope there’s at least one for non-members), I will name it Rocky Raccoon (If you like The Beatles you’ll understand)

  4. It’s funny. Have you, Trainman1405, seen the grey reindeer. The reindeer are the same in Sled Racer app from Club Penguin. It come before you start the game. :P I know the puffle will be in CP, the puffle are a little hint to CP fans, maybe :D

    • They are not yet released so you can’t find them anywhere. Anyone with them hacked them and should be reported to Club Penguin so they can be banned.

  5. I wish I had an iPhone or an iPad so I could have these cool puffles. But alas, Disney continues to make things exclusive to these expensive devices that I cannot afford but somehow children can. It’s weird…

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